The DIY Krewe: Crafts, Projects, and Fun...Oh My!

Images courtesy of the brilliant & beautiful Libby of @rankandfile and @rankandfilevintage

Hey! It's me! Down here in the Pinterest rabbit hole...

I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to pin pin pin all kinds of brilliant projectos that I just CAN'T WAIT to get my hands on. Little DIY ideas - décor, art, accessories - that would add that extra zing to the room. Or, maybe reimagine something in my home that I've been side-eyeing for far too long. Or even better, add a useful and functional element to the space. So noble! So sensible! So practical!

Right. That's tooootally what's driving me. Ahem.

Let's be honest: I'm not that well balanced. It's the creativity, the "I can do that" bravado, the "let's bust out the spray paint" mania that drives me. Armed with a cup of coffee and Saturday morning spread out in front of me, I become addled by some sort of time and patience-expanding drug that makes me think I can accomplish anything, so sure! Why not add that sweet little/quick/easy project to the list?!

Sometimes I even start the shopping list and get some or maybe all of the materials I need. I start thinking about taking a weekend afternoon to play. Probably sipping a fancy lemonade or glass of rosé, and marveling at my handiness.  

And then whomp-whomp. Live invades. And the "potential project heap" grows. Which inevitably makes me feel like a loser for letting things slide. 

So I decided to crowd-source some momentum, energy, timeliness, creativity and yes, accountability!

I gathered up a little gaggle of clever creatives of all different skill levels, and we've decided to tackle one project a month, do it together (well, virtually together, that is), cheer each other on, and you know...cross something off the list. Aaaah, that sweet smell of accomplishment.

Want to join us?  We'd LOVE that!

Starting next week, we'll be sharing our previous-month's projects completed by our crack team of creatives who have promised to represent a true slice of skill levels, project budgets, and - most fun of all - they'll show off their OWN interpretation of the project. )We keep the “what are we doing” guidelines intentionally loose so everyone can accommodate his/her own taste, needs, and budget.)

In the end, the goal is to have a really cool & fun something to add to YOUR home or life.

So, please join us in the artsy good fun. We'd love to have you.