My Apartment Therapy Home Tour: Stephanie

  Stephanie's Sunlit Treehouse  (images from: Apartment Therapy, by Tracy Leigh Morgan)

Stephanie's Sunlit Treehouse (images from: Apartment Therapy, by Tracy Leigh Morgan)

Ok, be honest.  

On a walk in the evenings, do you sneak a little peek into other people's homes?  Maybe to catch a glimpse of a pretty chandelier, or check out what wall color is going on in there?  Nothing better than a little home voyeurism, I say.  (I mean, legally and not creepily, of course.)

Roughly three lifetimes ago, I talked my way onto the editorial/contributor team at Apartment Therapy, an online resource for making homes more "beautiful, organized and healthy."  What a lovely mission statement!  Who doesn't want THAT for their home?

For a little snippet of the yummy things they often serve up, check out:

Anyway, you get the idea.  It's a home making mecca.

And, as much as this kind of content is wonderfully helpful and even painfully aspirational at times, nothing gets my Peeping Tom tendencies fired up more than taking a wander through someone else's home.  So, when they were looking for contributors to do just that, I signed right up.

I thought I'd share one today, not only because I'm very proud of how it turned out, but also because of WHOSE home it is.  I was lucky enough to kick off my House Tour tenure by capturing some of the wonderfulness that is my dear friend Stephanie A. Meyer's home.  (NOTE: Much in the way that I'm not THAT Tracy Morgan, Twilight fans, alas she is not THAT Stephenie Meyer.)

My Stephanie is a food writer & culinary coach, and the pimptress of Healing Green Broth and other whole foods adventures.  She's a force of nature and one of my best people.  She will cook you really good bacon with no provocation whatsoever.  That's what best friends do.

Her home reflects so very much that is unique and wonderful about her - it's bright, cheerful, fiercely food-focused, elegant-but-comfortable, and one hell of a good time.  

And it has SO MUCH heart & soul.  Oozy, really.

"Best advice: It’s the person who makes a home, not the building. I had that realization when I had to sell my first home, which I absolutely adored. There are an endless number of pretty spaces to live in — what makes them unique and special is what I bring to them. I love home-making, and knowing that I can put it together just right for me makes it much less stressful to move and start anew."

Enjoy the tour, peepers!