A Return to Blogging

Remember when I used to blog?!  No?  Neither do I...

It seems like a lifetime ago that I sat down on my trusty laptop - having just gotten laid off from my job - trying to figure out what I really, REALLY wanted to do with my life.  A blog seemed like a perfectly good place to start.  What did I know?

It was 2009 and I was trying to put the oomph behind my business consulting work and, because I was working from home, I was leveraging blogs & social media as both a learning ground (how the hell does these things work, anyway?) and as a way to feel connected to the outside world.

(Let's remember that when I say "social media" here, I really mean Twitter.  Instagram and Pinterest wouldn't come around for a full 18mo at that point.  Whoa.)

My blog wasn't a food blog per se, but there were recipes that I created AND ACTUALLY DOCUMENTED (which, knowing how I cook and mix a cocktail now, you're lucky if you get a list of ingredients and a basic technique from me...pathetic, I know).

I wrote about cooking, being a little greener, style, organization, eating better, and those sorts of things.  And I also used the blog to sort of work my way through my philosophies about personal branding, business branding, coaching & consulting, and the whole Internet 2.0 thing.  And of course I used it to journal and document all of the life changes that were happening in my world; let's just say that I'm a girl who's lived a LOT of her life.  Ahem.

But, if I'm being completely honest, the blog was boring and because taking & loading pictures was a much more tedious task then, it was bland and kinda ugly, too.  There were a few good bits of writing in there, but mostly it was just a place for me to settle in, process what was happening around me, discharge a bunch of creative energy & thinking, and generally get things off my chest.

I've missed that part.

I basically stopped blogging in 2010 when I developed & launched a new business that would essentially consume me for the next 5 years.  Since then, I've still been trying to figure out where I fit in this whole "digital world" and what might be worth talking about, but I've mostly been living that out on Facebook and Instagram.

Since then, I've reinvigorated my passion for reselling vintage home d├ęcor.  About 100 years ago now - not surprisingly after I got laid off a job for the FIRST time - my mom and I started a vintage resale business that she runs to this day, 16 years hence.  Pretty Things Vintage is now fully her baby (and has been so for a looooong time) and she runs a pretty kick-ass shop out of the Mall of St. Paul on Fairview & Selby in St. Paul, MN.  

I set vintage aside while I worked and plotted and consulted and rejiggered and did all kinds of career-developing things until 2014 when I launched Modern Vintage Nest: The Etsy shop, as a little side hustle.  

MVN, in return, opened the doors to all kinds of unrealized, unknown, untapped potential for me and that's where we find ourselves now - the next iteration.  In this current evolution, we're offering both vintage home goods AND our brand spankin' new Sidehall Prints, an online digital print shop.  And I cherish the design jobs I get out of the deal, too.  What a wonderful way to bring it all togther.

So, if I may just simply state my vision for this blog in today's world, I'd say this:

Modern Vintage Nest is a design playbook and source for inspired goods + ideas.  It's a place to house our favorite projects, articulate our philosophies about design/DIY, and yes, to maybe help you find your way forward (bonus points for anyone who remembers THAT phrase) to your very own aesthetic.  
And, to get shit done in your home!

I'm all about getting shit done.  Progress not perfection.  Start before you're ready.  All of that.  It's design, people, not brain surgery.

Does the world need another interior design, lifestyle, blah blah blogger?  Probably not.  But I'm not really in it for the rest of the world.  Just me, and those of you out there that might enjoy the show.

So, welcome.  I'm glad to be back.  And I'm oh so glad you're here.