Original art print from Sidehall Prints at

Original art print from Sidehall Prints at

I fear I've been holding out on you.  Sorry about that.

As I've been knee-deep in all things new business development, consulting projects, design projects and a pending/possible new home for us (oh ho - let me just kick off with that mystery!), I've also been working behind the scenes on another new little project: Sidehall Prints, an online digital art shop.  And I couldn't be more excited!

You may know that I've been selling vintage home d├ęcor on Etsy for a couple years now - and I love it.  It's been the perfect creative outlet and also gives me a chance to flex my old school retail & buying muscles.  

At my core, I'm a merchant.  A curator of fun things that I hope you'd want to own.  

But in truth, I buy them for you because *I* want to own them.  There's not a single piece of vintage goodness that has crossed my path that wouldn't be welcomed into my own home.  Which, let's face it, causes its own set of issues.  Ahem.

So here I am throwing my hat into the "digital art" arena.  Wheeeeeee!

I've partnered with a couple of talented artists & photographers, and I'm working on a bunch of my own original photos, as well, reflecting my love and passion for all things vintage, architecture, crumbly streets, wild graffiti, and whatever else happens to pique my interest.

The best part?  Each piece is just $12 and you can use them however you'd like, wherever you'd like, and as many times as you'd like!  Just print to your little heart's content.

My rave about Sidehall Prints goes like this:

I firmly believe in the power of art to transform or mood, energy and general outlook on life.  And nothing weaves together a room - in both interior design and emotional vibe - more than something beautiful on the wall or mantel.
But I also believe that art is for everyone - without having to rob a bank to get the job done.
So, I've curated a collection inspired by my vintage findings, daily wanderings, and travels of friends near and far.  This is vibrant, fresh, pretty, and affordable art that you simply purchase and print to fit whatever space you'd like.
It's accessible art. Inspired art. For your modern home.

Won't you jump on our waiting list so we can give you a little pre-opening gift?  

Sign up here.